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Although our shop in its current form was established in 2015, the Command affiliated companies has been in business for over 30 years. Our team has  experience in manufacturing and supplying ductwork infrastructure to a diverse number of construction projects. Maintaining the highest quality standards, along with ensuring timely deliveries has enabled Command to expand and transform the company from a small family business predominantly focused on residential services to a fleet of companies with capabilities in completing successfully large complex projects within the Greater New York Area.


Our team presents a unique combination of a ground up knowledge of the industry across residential, commercial, single & super tall structures, along with a thorough working knowledge of all contract, estimation and design documentation, supplemented with the ability to coordinate all disciplines and trades.


Our state of the art production line equipment has allowed us to position ourselves among the top players in the sheet metal manufacturing business.

Let’s Work Together

28 Park Avenue

Staten Island, NY 10302

Tel: (718) 720-7090

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